Thomas Teffri‑Chambelland

Born in Paris in 1975, I grew up in the Alpes de Haute Provence.

After a baccalaureate and studies in Biology at the University of Marseille and Montpellier, I joined in 1998 the national education as a teacher of Science of Life and Earth.

Passionate about bread and caught up with strong entrepreneurial impulses, I pass a baker's CAP free candidate in 2000 and immediately opts for availability of national education, which will eventually prove to be no return!

In 2001, I created the self-taught La Lapaline bakery in Sisteron, then a farm in 2005 and a training center in 2006. Training center that will become a few years later, the international bakery school. Passionate business leader, I develop since with my associates, new concepts in bakery, such as Chambelland in Paris, Bread Factory in Aix en Provence or Maison Deschamps in Lyon.

As a specialist in natural fermentations, I have been putting biology at the service of baking for almost 20 years to try to popularize the biological phenomena at work in the making of bread.

It is always with pleasure and passion that I share my knowledge in France at the international bakery school, or in partner companies abroad in California, in Madrid in Tel Aviv or in London ...

In order to share with an ever wider audience, I am now writing books for amateurs and professionals.

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Thank you and good reading.