Une autre idée du pain

At a time when everything about bread seems to have been said and done, "another idea of bread" tells the Chambelland adventure, from the Italian rice fields, to Chambelland bakery, nestled in the village of Popincourt in the 11 ° arrondissement of Paris.

Chambelland is indeed a modern bakery, at the crossroads of two rather old currents, the first being breadmaking and the second being the cultivation of rice!

After almost ten thousand years of parallel stories that have never crossed, the Chambelland bakery set out to bring these old stories of bread and rice together, or how the rice bread has entered the Hall of the Breads. currents.

This beautifully illustrated book by Louis Laurent Grandadam tells the adventure of Nathaniel Doboin and Thomas Teffri-Chambelland, since the design of these rice breads until their marketing, passing of course the mill Chambelland, where are produced all these flours without gluten.

The book presents a large number of recipes for breads and pastries that can be made at home by amateurs or at the bakehouse for professionals.